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Wear Your Heart on Your Ear: Linda & Dee's Story of Love and Remembrance


From: Oklahoma.

For these grandparents, their connection to our jewelry begins with the arrival of their precious granddaughter, Regan, born on June 1st, 2017. However, their joy tragically turned to sorrow as they faced the devastating loss of Regan just eight short days later due to a rare genetic condition.

In the midst of their grief, Linda and Dee sought solace in a tangible reminder of Regan's presence in their lives. Each of them wanted a piece of jewelry that would serve as a symbol of their love and enduring connection to their beloved granddaughter.

For Dee, a grandfather with a desire for something subtle yet deeply meaningful, the choice was clear. Opting for a small yet significant tribute, Dee decided to get his ear pierced, a decision that spoke volumes about his commitment to keeping Regan close to his heart. And what better way to honor her than with a delicate 14k gold letter "R" stud, Regan's initial?

This simple yet touching gesture allows Dee to carry a piece of Regan with him wherever he goes, serving as a gentle reminder of her brief yet beautiful existence. Their story reminds us of the power of jewelry to encapsulate memories, emotions, and cherished moments in life. These tiny earring now carry the weight of love, remembrance and connection.

As we reflect on Linda and Dee's journey with heavy hearts, we're reminded of the importance of cherishing every moment and holding our loved ones close, both in life and in spirit. To Linda, Dee, and all those who carry their own stories within the jewelry they wear, we thank you for sharing your hearts with us.


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