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The Necklace Designed to Grow With You: Natalia's MB Story

The story of Natalia's custom 3 Letter Necklace began as a beautiful gift from her husband after welcoming their first child. Crafted with the initials of her husband and son, adorned with a heart, it wasn't just jewelry; it was a wearable love story. In the whirlwind of new motherhood, when stepping away felt like parting with a piece of her heart, the necklace became her comforting companion, a tiny keepsake holding her son close even in the moments of distance.

Fast forward four years, and Natalia's necklace, a true trooper in the realm of everyday wear, stood as a testament to quality and endurance. A new chapter awaited as Natalia's family expanded with the arrival of her daughter. Here's where the magic of our "Add A Letter" service comes into play. Natalia seamlessly sent her necklace back to the MB studio and the addition of her daughter's initial transformed it into a piece that encapsulates the journey of her growing family.

Natalia's story signifies the beauty that resides in the ordinary, a celebration of family etched into the enduring chain of her Maya Brenner necklace, a piece that evolves and grows with her. Her necklace stands as a radiant reminder that even the simplest pieces can carry the weight of a beautiful, evolving story


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