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Meet Clare Vivier

Check out our conversation with Clare Vivier about her company, Clare V, her wonderful friendship with Maya, the magic of their collaboration, and the inspirations that drive her creativity.

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Your brand, Clare V., has become synonymous with chic and contemporary elegance. How would you describe your personal style, and how does it influence your design philosophy?:

It is always hard for me to answer this question because I love expressing myself through fashion - it just feels like part of me so it is hard to get outside of myself to answer it. I think my personal style is pretty eclectic because of my admiration for so many different genres, but maybe I'm most comfortable dressing preppy or classic but always with a twist - never too much of one thing.


Building a successful brand takes dedication and perseverance. Can you share some valuable lessons you've learned throughout your career that have contributed to the growth and longevity of Clare V.?:

The longer I do this, the more I'm convinced that starting and growing your own business over many years is not for the faint of heart, and what I think is that what it takes, and you mentioned it in your question, is perseverance. You just have to keep believing in your idea and keep doing it - and that is very hard. There are many roadblocks to success and at each and every one of them you'll have to make a choice to keep going.


How did you meet Maya?:

It's been so long that we've been friends, I barely remember but I believe I met Maya through our mutual friend, through whom I've met several of my very good friends. [She] is a good connector. I think I am too, for example, I introduced Maya to Dustin!


How did you manage to blend your two unique styles to create a cohesive collection that showcases the best of both brands?":

We share an affinity for letters in our collections. Her letter necklaces and earrings have been in my life for a long time. I introduced Maya to Steven Alan back in the day and they sold the heck out of her letter collection for many years. But anyway, the letters speak to me because I love letters and typefaces and so it made sense for us to use MB designs for our French words.


Maya's designs often carry personal or meaningful messages. Can you share if any of these pieces hold a special significance or deep meaning for you?:

I received the Clarity Retreat necklace as a gift from my husband and although I'm not a big crystal person, I love this necklace. 


You have a book hitting the shelves this September, we can't wait to dive in! Can you give us a sneak peek into what cool insights and inspirations we'll find within its pages?:

Overall the book is visually beautiful and a colorful history of Clare V and the positivity we try to bring to the world. It is a history of the brand and hopefully will be inspiring to people in many different ways - from aspiring business owners to designers to people seeking new ways to express themselves. 


What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?:

If you mean our collaboration collection, my favorite piece is the MAMAN necklace because it honors the mamas of the world, or signifies that you are a mama yourself if you want. If you mean, MB's collection in general, it changes all the time with the newness, but right now it is the Tenfold bracelet

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