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Lynette's MB Collection: The Story Behind Each Piece

From: Ontario, Canada.

Lynette's journey with our brand began years ago, and with each piece she collected, she wove her story into delicate chains and sparkling gems. Her first necklace, with the initials of herself, her husband, and their son, serves as a beautiful tribute to the foundation of her family. 

Another necklace made with birthstones reflects the unique essence of each family member, a colorful celebration of life and connection. And then there's the nameplate necklace proudly displaying "MUM" – a testament to Lynette's most cherished job in the world, a role filled with boundless love and devotion.

Amidst life's challenges, Lynette finds comfort in her jewelry.  Her diamond layering necklace symbolizes a difficult time she bravely navigated through. With resilience and grace, she emerged stronger, and the necklace serves as a reminder of her inner strength. And, along with that, she wears a Garnet birthstone bracelet for good luck.

One of Lynette's most cherished pieces is her recent purchase – a rose gold custom chain necklace designed with a pavè heart and her father's birthstone, Citrine. Honoring her father, who passed away on December 5th, 2023, this necklace holds immeasurable significance.

She extends her deepest gratitude to Maya for crafting jewelry that speaks to the soul. "I would like to thank Maya for bringing beautiful and delicate jewelry into the world," she shares. "The necklace I had made to remember my father brings me great comfort and joy." These words encapsulate the essence of our brand and what makes our pieces so special – they're not just beautiful accessories, but carriers of love and memories.


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