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Letters of Love: Jayne's Story of Love, IVF, and Maya Brenner Jewelry


From: Florida

Jayne's journey with her Maya Brenner letter necklace began with a singular initial — her husband's. It was a symbol of their love, a connection that would soon become a chronicle of their shared path. As they embarked on the challenging road of infertility, the necklace took on new meaning.

The emotional call that they were expecting their first child through IVF marked a turning point. Swiftly, the necklace made its way back to our LA studio, this time to add a "C" for their son's name. The necklace became a silent narrator of their struggles, triumphs, and the joyous arrival of their firstborn.

Years later, the addition of a "T" signaled another chapter. The necklace, worn every day without fail, became a visible thread connecting Jayne to her husband and their two beautiful sons, aged 3.5 and 1. It is a reflection of a journey that started with a childhood sweetheart, navigated through the complexities of fertility treatments, and culminated in the laughter and cries of their little miracles.

With heartfelt sincerity, Jayne extends her gratitude to Maya, saying, "Thank you for infusing your jewelry with the essence of journeys, stories, and love. You've undoubtedly brought my own tale to life, and I'll cherish it daily."

Every time Jayne looks at her necklace, it's not just initials she sees. It symbolizes a journey — a story of love triumphing over challenges, of little hands defying the odds.


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