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IVF & Miracle Babies: Ashley's Necklace

From: San Antonio, Texas.

As Ashley awaited the arrival of her first child, Hudson, she found herself facing a high-risk pregnancy, consumed with uncertainty and fear. Hospitalized at 37 weeks due to large blood clots in her leg, Ashley and her husband braced themselves for what lay ahead. The road to meeting her son was filled with challenges and unknowns, but she and baby Hudson miraculously emerged unscathed.

To commemorate their journey and celebrate their son's arrival, Ashley's husband gifted her a gold letter necklace with Hudson's initial, 'H', and a diamond symbolizing their marriage. Little did they know, this piece of jewelry would become a symbol of hope and strength in the years to come.

While they were consumed with joy from their firstborn, they dreamed of a sibling for Hudson. Ashley and her husband faced heartbreak after heartbreak as they navigated fertility treatments and multiple pregnancy losses as they tried to conceive their second child. Yet, through it all, their love endured, culminating in the arrival of their precious daughter.

Ashley's necklace has been updated through our Add A Letter Boutique to now symbolize her entire journey and complete family. As Ashley gazes upon her necklace now, she sees the birthstone colors of their lost babies, and their daughter's initial, 'E'. She never takes it off because  it gives her a little piece of all her babies, both earth side and in heaven. 

To Maya, Ashley extends her deepest gratitude. "Maya, thank you for your timeless and beautiful jewelry," she shares. "My necklace means more to me than anyone would know or understand."

To Ashley and all our wonderful customers, thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

Stay tuned for more heartfelt tales from our 'Letters from the Heart' blog.


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