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Embracing Resilience: The Story Behind Sarah's Letters

Sarah's personalized necklace serves as a reminder of the strong spirit that lives  within each of us. Each letter on her delicate chain tells a chapter of a story that weaves through joy, loss, healing and mother-daughter bonds that tie it all together.

In the backdrop of the tumultuous challenges brought forth by the unsettling COVID pandemic, the year 2020 unfolded with both trials and unexpected separations. Amidst the uncertainties that loomed large, Sarah sought solace in a tranquil Myrtle Beach vacation, blissfully oblivious to the impending storm life had in store. During this serene getaway, Sarah spent a day with Adrian, her ex-husband, alongside their daughter, Sophia. It's worth noting that, despite the dissolution of their marriage, Sarah and Adrian remained each other's closest confidants. Unlike the common narrative of exes tolerating each other, their relationship transcended the conventional norms, "It was a beautiful day that day - absolutely perfect," she nostalgically recalls. Little did Sarah know that it would be the last time she would see Adrian in person.

Tragically, on September 24, 2020, Adrian passed away due to an unexpected heart attack, leaving an irreplaceable void in Sarah's life. That year marked Sarah's initiation into the realm of military funerals, as Adrian had served as a marine. It was a somber occasion where she bid farewell to her dearest friend. Reflecting on the profound impact of motherhood, Sarah eloquently expressed, "My letter 'S' is for my daughter Sophia—because she made me a mom, and I am eternally grateful I get to be her mom."

Amidst the grief of losing Adrian, love entered Sarah's life in unexpected ways. She embarked on a fresh romance with a new partner, Josh. Sarah shared, "At the time I thought I could see a future with Josh; we were happy, and his kids were happy. I could not have asked for a better partner. Josh was amazing for me when Adrian died, so supportive and kind- I really felt lucky to have such a great guy."

In January 2021, she discovered she was pregnant with twins. Sarah was shocked and overjoyed, but unfortunately, Josh didn't share the same excitement. "When I told him I was pregnant, his exact words were 'we have to do something about this,'" Sarah recounts. Strains marred their relationship during Sarah's pregnancy, and tragedy struck when she lost one of the twins during her first trimester. "My letter 'M' is for my miscarriage Madeline; I have this gut feeling the baby was a girl," she reflects. Amidst the heartbreak of losing one of her babies, Sarah also endured the loss of her relationship with Josh. "I continued with my pregnancy; Josh left me at 4 months pregnant - poof gone… then came back 2.5 months later - only to leave again."

And just a few months later, Sarah faced another unimaginable loss. "On September 7th, 2021, my Lylah Willow was stillborn - 7lbs 15 ounces." Lylah's brief life left an indelible mark. "I would do it all over again to have Madeline and Lylah for the time that God blessed me with them. I am so lucky," she acknowledges.

"Now, both my girls are with Adrian and their pappy. Life is crazy - life is unpredictable, life is cruel but life…there is still beauty in it," Sarah reflects. That moment when she found out about Lylah's passing was the darkest and worst day of her life. "I will never forget that moment," she somberly recalls. Yet, in reflection, Sarah smiles, acknowledging the beauty that existed in her daughters' presence. "She existed; she was here - she put her mark on the world, my heart, and my life," she affirms.

The letters on Sarah's necklace represent a complex narrative that encompasses the ebb and flow of life's unpredictable melody.

In sharing her deeply personal journey, Sarah unveils a tapestry of strength and healing woven through moments of tragedy. We are honored that she entrusted us with her story, a tale of enduring love and unyielding resilience. We send nothing but love and light to Sarah and her daughter Sophia—may the letters around her neck forever bring you comfort, keeping all your precious ones close to your heart.


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