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A-M-E-N to Miracles: Maggie's Maya Brenner Necklace

From: Atlanta, GA.

Meet Maggie, an amazing mom with a heartwarming story to share about her MB letter necklace.

Maggie initially had a simple wish to have a MB necklace with initials that represented her and her husband, but was holding off with the hope that she would become pregnant. As fate would have it, it turns out the necklace was worth the wait because she finally got the exciting news that her firstborn was on the way. The necklace became a symbol of enduring hope as Maggie, amid the trials and challenges of IVF during the turbulent days of Covid, welcomed her firstborn son.

Christmas of that eventful year brought a gift that would be forever cherished. Maggie's thoughtful husband, knowing the profound significance of the Maya Brenner necklace, gifted her a personalized treasure, adorned with the initials of their newfound family.

Life, in its unpredictable ways, had more delightful surprises awaiting this family. A delightful shock awaited them, and Maggie found herself pregnant again, naturally this time. A true miracle that left them overjoyed. Their second child, a daughter, arrived, bringing boundless happiness to their lives.

With this new addition, Maggie sent her necklace back to our studio. The addition of the fourth letter turned out to be more than a mere initial; it transformed the necklace into an unintentional yet very fitting "A-M-E-N." Unplanned yet profoundly beautiful, it encapsulates the sentiment of gratitude for their little complete family—a family crafted by miracles.

Maggie's story pays homage to the unexpected joys and miracles that life can bring. Her Maya Brenner necklace expresses a tale of love, family and the unforeseen blessings that make life extraordinary.


Photos by: @coreyjohnsonphotography and @themorganstudiophoto

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