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A Gift of Love Amidst Loss: Siobhan's Letter Necklace

From: London, UK

Siobhan's journey with Maya's jewelry begins with a gift from her husband – a letter necklace she had been dreaming of for years. Anticipating the arrival of twin girls in January this year, joy and excitement filled their lives. However, life took an unexpected turn during a routine scan on December 19th, revealing the heartbreaking news of the loss of Twin 2, named Poppy.

The delicate letters – L for Lola, an angel wing for Poppy, and O for their son Oscar form a wearable connection to her family. The necklace is a source of comfort, a silent companion in moments of deep emotion.

The angel wing charm is a tangible expression of both Siobhan's love for Poppy and her grief. In moments of sadness, she finds herself reaching for the necklace, fingers instinctively tracing the angel wing. This little charm has become a silent reminder of Poppy's presence, a symbol of love that expands beyond space and time.

Siobhan shares her heartfelt gratitude to Maya for crafting pieces that hold deep meaning. As she eloquently puts it, "Thank you for making such treasured pieces. I've followed you for years, and although there are cheaper versions out there, yours is beautiful quality and will last forever. It's worth spending a bit more xx."

Her story is a reflection of the deep meaning that our pieces hold for the wearer. Each charm is a vessel for emotions, memories and enduring love. As we continue to create pieces that tell unique stories, we are honored to be part of narratives that turn jewelry into symbols of love, strength and the beauty found in life's most profound moments.


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