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Victoria's Necklace, Woven with Love and Milestones


From: Millsap, TX.

Victoria's letter necklace has witnessed the chapters of her life. Five years, to be exact. Five years of adventures, milestones, and everyday moments; all intertwined with a necklace that became an emblem of love.

The journey of this necklace began with a sweet birthday surprise, a tender gesture from a boyfriend who would later become her life partner. The quest for the perfect piece was an adventure in itself, a search for something simple yet meaningful, destined to become a part of her everyday style.

After exploring countless designers, a serendipitous moment occurred when she spotted her favorite blogger wearing our signature letter necklace. It was a sign that led Victoria to create her own personalized treasure.

Choosing her husband's initial alongside a Sapphire stone added a layer of significance. Her husband, a dedicated pilot, often soared the skies, and this necklace became a way to keep him close even when he was far away.

As their precious daughter came into the world, Victoria and her husband ventured into the joyful chapter of parenthood. The addition of their baby's initial, thanks to our Add-A-Letter Boutique, marked a momentous occasion, a "push present" to celebrate the expansion of their family.

A mere 20 months later, with the arrival of their son, another initial found its place on the chain. This piece serves as a dainty representation of their family, now whole and complete.

It's a story that Victoria shares with a glint of pride.This necklace, a vessel of cherished initials, is a reminder of the love that surrounds her, of the family that is always close to her heart.

And to Maya, Victoria extends her heartfelt gratitude, "Thank you Maya for creating such a high quality piece that allows me to have my nearest and dearest close to me always..."

In the heart of it all, lies a necklace that holds a story of love, family and the beauty of the everyday. We hope your necklace continues to weave moments, memories and love for generations to come.


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 Photo Credit: Caroline Jurgensen @linejurgensen

Photographer Brianne Johnson @briannejohnsonphoto
Photographer: Kate Iwanski @photographyby.k8

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