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The Ultimate Push-Present: Julia's Letter Necklace

From: Oakland, FL.

Meet Julia,  a radiant customer whose life was forever changed when she became a mom in 2021. In celebration of this new chapter, her husband gave her a personalized letter necklace - a heartfelt "push present" to honor the strength and love that defined their leap into parenthood.

This necklace, with a birthstone representing Julia, a heart symbolizing their marriage, and the letter "R" for their firstborn son, Roger, became a representation of the love and connection shared within their family.

And just recently, Julia had baby #2! As they welcomed their second son, Peter, she knew she wanted to capture this new chapter in her cherished necklace. So, with excitement in her heart, she sent it back to us to add the letter "P". This necklace, now with the initials of both her boys, became an even more special keepsake.

Julia shares, "This necklace is so special to me and has become a part of my wardrobe. I never take it off and will forever cherish it. I will hopefully continue to add on to it as our family grows."

To Julia, and to all the incredible mothers out there, we say thank you! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey and for entrusting us with your precious life chapters.


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