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Radiant Reminders: Nicole's Personalized Necklace

From: Chicago, IL.

In the summer of 2021, Nicole treated herself to a special "push present" – a letter necklace with the initial "C" for her first baby, Camille. From the moment Camille entered the world with her feisty spirit, Nicole and her husband knew they were in for an adventure. Parenthood brings its fair share of challenges, but they are enamored by Camille's willpower and tenacity for life.

As Nicole returned to work as a registered nurse in the neonatal ICU, her necklace became a source of comfort during long shifts away from her daughter. Each touch of the "C" pendant reminded her of the precious moments waiting for her at home.

As Nicole welcomed her second child, a little brother for Camille, she knew her necklace needed an update. The "C" would now be joined by another initial, representing her newest bundle of joy. It's a beautiful reminder of the love that continues to grow within their family.

When asked about her dream charm addition, Nicole envisions a sun charm. It's a symbol of the special moments she shares with her babies, singing "You Are My Sunshine" before they drift off to sleep. Adding a sun charm to our collection would allow Nicole and others to carry a piece of that warmth and love with them wherever they go. We love hearing your suggestions so we will definitely be adding this to the list!

Nicole expresses her gratitude for pieces that hold such deep meaning. "Thank you for making pieces that people can hold close to their hearts," she shares. It's sentiments like these that inspire us to continue creating jewelry that resonates with you and keeps you connected to those you care about.


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