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Personalized with Love: Mackenzie's Heartfelt Tribute to Her Kiddos

From: Rhode Island.

One of our amazing customers, Mackenzie, shared the beautiful and deeply personal meaning behind her cherished MB letter necklace.

This custom necklace, a Mother’s Day gift from her husband, is more than just a stunning accessory; it’s a celebration of her family. Each charm on the necklace represents one of her children, making it a symbol of love and remembrance.

The first A is for Adra, their oldest daughter, followed by another A for their daughter Adelle. An L represents their son Logan, and then there’s a diamond charm, which is April’s birthstone, honoring their baby boy Sage, whom they tragically lost to a miscarriage in 2021. This charm holds a special place in Mackenzie’s heart, symbolizing a piece of her soul and the love that will forever remain. Finally, an O for their daughter Oakley completes this heartfelt necklace.

Mackenzie shared, “Especially after a loss, it’s so special to have a piece of jewelry honoring all of my children, together. I couldn’t love it any more!!”

Mackenzie’s story perfectly illustrates why our letter necklace is such a meaningful and versatile gift, especially for Mother’s Day. It allows moms to keep their loved ones close to their hearts and provides the opportunity to continually add new letters or charms. As families grow and significant life moments occur, our necklaces can evolve to reflect those changes. Whether adding a new letter for a new baby or a charm for a special occasion, our necklaces become a cherished keepsake that tells a family’s unique story.

We are incredibly touched and grateful to be part of such meaningful moments. Thank you for trusting us with this precious keepsake. And to all our wonderful customers, thank you for allowing us to create pieces that represent the moments and people that are most important to you!


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