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Necklace Narratives: Mandi's Story of Love, Surrogacy & Family

From: Little Elm, TX.

Eight years ago, Mandi's life took on a beautiful twist when she carried a baby through surrogacy in 2015. The journey left a lasting mark on her heart, and as a token of gratitude, the parents of the baby gifted her one of our letter necklaces. The charms spell out "M" for Mandi, "B" for her husband Blake, and another "B" for their three-year-old daughter, Brylee. Little did she know that this necklace would become a cherished keepsake, a symbol of the profound connection between two families.

Fast forward to now, and Mandi's family has grown to four with the arrival of their baby boy, Myles. Enter our Add-A-Letter Boutique, a discovery that allowed Mandi to update her necklace, adding another "M" to signify the newest member of their family. The necklace, now complete with M, B, B, and M charms, serves as a beautiful representation of her family's unique journey – a journey that involves love, generosity, and the creation of a beautiful life for another family.

Mandi expresses, "My MB letter necklace is genuinely one of the best gifts I have ever received. It reminds me not only of the beautiful life I helped bring to another family but also represents my own amazing family." The necklace, laden with sentimental value, becomes more than just jewelry; it becomes a narrative, a testament to the interconnectedness of lives and the power of selfless acts of love.


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