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Forever Linked: Mama & Milo

Forever Linked: Mama & Milo

Trigger Warning: This post contains sensitive content related to infant loss.

From: Vail, CO

Today, we want to share the moving story of Rachel, and her personalized necklace, a tribute to her darling baby boy.

The Letter M on Rachel's necklace holds a piece of her heart. At six months pregnant, Rachel gave birth to her stillborn son, Milo. At a time of immense loss and sorrow, she began searching for a way in which she could keep Milo closet to her, and that's when she discovered MB's personalized pieces.

As Rachel shared her story, she expressed profound gratitude to Maya and the entire MB team for expediting her order and rushing the necklace to her. She couldn't wait to start carrying her son with her every day, a dainty piece of jewelry that would offer her comfort and strength. We know that grief is never-ending and that nothing can take away the pain of loss, but her personalized necklace is a symbol of enduring maternal love and the strength to carry on even in the face of heartache.

With a heart full of appreciation, she allowed us to share her story our community. Her openness and vulnerability serve as a beacon of hope and compassion for others who have experienced loss and longing.

Would you like to share your story? Click here to tell us about the meaning behind your MB Jewelry.

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