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Kimberley's 2 Letter Necklace: Celebrating Harrison & Sebastian

From: United Kingdom

We are thrilled to celebrate Kimberley's story and her personalized necklace, a treasured keepsake symbolizing life's miracles. 

Each letter on Kimberley’s necklace holds deep significance. The Letter H and Letter S, both Pavé, are touching tributes to her beautiful boys—Harrison and Sebastian. Harrison, now a vibrant 3-year-old, was her first miracle rainbow baby. The journey to motherhood was not without challenges, as she battled through several miscarriages before experiencing the joy of welcoming Harrison into her arms.

Kimberley grew up as an only child who always yearned for a sibling, so she dreamed of giving Harrison a younger brother or sister.  However, her path faced further hurdles, including an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery in September 2021. In those incredibly challenging moments, the chances of expanding their family seemed almost hopeless, but Kimberley was not ready to lose faith just yet. And, against all odds, in February of the following year, they joyfully welcomed their youngest son, Sebastian.

Kimberley's necklace carries the essence of a miraculous journey. For her, it signifies the completion of their family—a symbol of strength and joy as their family is now a complete unit.

While her necklace beautifully encapsulates her journey to motherhood, she also wishes for a bracelet symbolizing the love she shares with her husband. She jokes that her husband, a pillar of support and love, has been forgotten on her necklace amidst the joy of celebrating their boys. A bracelet representing their relationship would be a beautiful addition to her collection.

Her words are filled with heartfelt appreciation for Maya’s jewelry. “My pieces represent hope, love and family, and really do mean a lot to me,” says Kimberley. 

From overcoming heartache to holding both boys in her arms, Kimberley's journey serves as a strong reminder that miracles do happen! We admire her strength and we are so thankful she allowed us to share her inspiring story with our MB community. 


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