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The Double Meaning behind A&D: Alexandra's Letter Necklace

From: Liverpool, UK.

Back in 2020, Alexandra's boyfriend, Daniel, surprised her with a letter  necklace designed with their initials, 'A & D'. Little did they know, this simple yet meaningful gesture would take on a whole new layer of significance in the years to come.

Fast forward to 2021 and 2023, and Alexandra found herself welcoming two beautiful children into the world, both with names starting with the same initials--baby Daniel and Aubrey. Suddenly, her necklace became a symbol of their growing family, a reminder of the love that brings them together.

In Christmas 2023, Alexandra's boyfriend gave her another precious gift – a bracelet with a ruby birthstone. This small gem holds immeasurable significance, representing Alexandra's late father. This dainty piece keeps his memory close to her heart. Though tinged with sadness, the bracelet serves as a beautiful tribute to a loved one gone too soon.

In closing, Alexandra shares her love and appreciation for Maya's jewelry pieces. "Love love love your jewellery pieces," she expresses, echoing the sentiment of many who have been touched by Maya's creations.


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