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Anchored in Love: Josanna's Unbreakable Spirit Through Breast Cancer

As October paints the world in shades of pink, we are reminded of the strength and resilience of those who face breast cancer head-on. In the midst of this awareness month, we are honored to share Josanna's story.

As a mama to three incredible boys - Jack, Finn, and the youngest, Rowan - Josanna's life took an unexpected turn in October 2022. An aggressive breast cancer diagnosis marked the beginning of a battle that she continues to face with fierce determination. 

The weight of such a diagnosis is indescribable. Yet, Josanna anchors herself in the love for her boys. She keeps a note on her Peloton, a mantra in her own words, "I am strong. My body is strong. I will beat cancer. And will be able to watch my kids grow up." These words are her battle hymn, a testament to her strength on the toughest days.

As Josanna puts it, "Life can be weird and beautiful and heartbreaking and maybe even quite brief." These words hold a weight only someone in the midst of such a battle can fathom.

The personalized touch of her MB necklace, with the initials of her precious boys, is a testament to her unshakeable spirit. It's a beacon of strength, a source of comfort and a symbol of fierce, unconditional love.

It's not just about the necklace; it's about the profound meaning it holds, and the strength it imparts.

So here's to you, Josanna. To your tenacity, your love, and your unyielding spirit. May your story inspire others to fight and love just as fiercely. In every step you take, you illuminate the path for others who face their own battles, and the strength you exhibit is a reflection of the healing power within you. May each day bring you closer to renewed health and vitality. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are cheering for you and your boys every step of the way.


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