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Lucky Stars & Motherhood Milestones: Jes's Necklace

From: Sydney, Australia. 

Becoming a parent is a journey filled with endless moments to cherish. For Jes, surviving the rollercoaster of her first year of motherhood was a remarkable achievement, one deserving of a special celebration. And what better way to commemorate this milestone than with a personalized necklace representing those closest to her heart?

The 'Z' represents her cherished fur baby, Zelda. The 'H' is for her one-year-old son, Henry. And the pavé star? It represents a heartfelt sentiment - Jes thanks her 'lucky stars' for these two precious beings. It's a symbol of the immense gratitude she feels for the joy they bring into her life.

What's even more remarkable is that 'star' happens to be Henry's first word. A tiny coincidence that adds a touch of magic to an already heartwarming story.

This necklace was a gift Jes gave to herself. It's a symbol of self-appreciation, a recognition of the incredible journey she's embarked upon as a new mom. It stands as a testament to her strength in navigating the beautiful chaos of the first year of parenthood.

She envisions adding more to her necklace as her family grows—a piece that evolves with her life, capturing each new milestone.

We love that her necklace is also a powerful symbol of self-love, a gift from Jes to Jes. 

We thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us, and we look forward to being a part of your journey as more meaningful events unfold!


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