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A Necklace of Love and Loss: Christina's Tribute to Baby Jordan

TW: This post contains sensitive content related to infant loss.
From: Morgan Hill, CA

In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. We are here to share Christina's story-- the story of a devoted mother who had to say goodbye to her baby far too soon. We believe Christina's vulnerability in sharing her experience will help those also struggling feel less alone, validated and understood.

Christina's second daughter, Jordan, entered the world six weeks early. This sweet girl fought with unimaginable strength in the NICU for seven heart-wrenching days.  She passed away in early September 2023, leaving a void that echoes in the hearts of those who love her. Jordan was named after the remarkable OBGYN that delivered her through an emergency C-section-- a woman who consistently supported Christina during this devastating time.

In the wake of this profound loss, Christina sought a tangible connection to keep her daughter close always. That's when the idea of a personalized MB necklace took root. Designed with the initials 'H' for her older sister Hayden, 'J' for Jordan, and an April birthstone (a diamond) for her husband, this necklace serves as a way for Christina to commemorate the loss of her daughter while also celebrating the love she has for her family.

This necklace, although dainty and delicate, carries a weighty burden of love and loss. The pain of losing a child is a wound that never truly heals, but this necklace serves as a balm, a reminder that Jordan's spirit is forever entwined with her mother's.

Christina’s excerpt from her letter to Jordan at her memorial paints a vivid picture of how much she is loved and missed,

“Jordan — I will look for you in the hummingbirds that often fluttered in the same courtyard you felt the sun and wind against your face for the first time. I will look for you in the lavenders that blossomed beautifully beside you on the day you took your last breaths. I will feel your hugs from the same sun and wind that hugged you to the skies above. Kieu Nhu, me se thuong va nho con mai mai. Jordan, mama will love and miss you forever and always.”

Christina, thank you for your openness and willingness to share. We are sending so much love to you, and to all of those who have struggled or or are struggling with life after pregnancy and infant loss. We support you, and you are not alone. 


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