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A Mother's Way of Keeping Her Daughters Close

Trigger Warning: This story includes stillbirth and loss of a child.

This story is one of sadness and joy. We received a touching message from one of our UK customers, Rebecca. She shared with us the story of how our jewelry has helped her honor the memory of her daughter, Poppy.

Rebecca's daughter Poppy was stillborn. Shortly after, at a time of immense grief and loss, she and her husband were deployed overseas. Rebecca began searching for a piece of jewelry that could represent her daughter's little and beautiful life. That's when she discovered Maya Brenner and knew the Letter Necklace was exactly what she needed.

Five years later, Rebecca still wears her MB necklace every day, which has become a symbol of both Poppy and her little sister, Eliana. She has added a heart and birthstone for Poppy, as well as an initial and birthstone for her younger daughter. The necklace serves as a reminder of her two precious girls and brings her comfort every day.

"I love how the necklace has grown with me as a mother which I never thought would have been possible after losing Poppy. I wear it with pride each and every day knowing it carries both my girls together and I honestly can't thank you guys enough for creating such beautiful pieces that represent both my girls, you guys are amazing!" she shares.

We are honored to have played a small part in Rebecca's journey of healing and grateful that our jewelry helps her keep both daughters close to her heart. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rebecca, and for choosing MB to be a part of it.

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