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A Dream Come True: Lorie's Letter Necklace

We have the privilege of sharing Lorie’s story, a mother from Wenatchee, Washington. In the midst of a midnight breastfeeding session, scrolling through Instagram, she stumbled upon our brand and fell in love. Who else can relate to those late-night moments of trying to keep it all together?

Her necklace features two Letter L’s for her darling children, Legend and Layla. The significance of these letters goes beyond mere initials; they embody a story of hope, patience, and faith.

As we read Lorie’s submission, we learned of her long-awaited dream of becoming a mom. Despite the doubts and uncertainty that crept in as she grew older, she held onto the belief that one day, her dream would come true. In her late thirties, she welcomed her son, Legend, in December 2017. Thirteen months later, her daughter, Layla, entered the world. The birth of her children is a testament to her resilience and the power of trusting in a higher power.

The heart charm that completes the necklace represents the endless love & joy her kiddos bring to her life.

In a heartfelt message to Maya, she expressed deep gratitude for creating a beautiful, dainty necklace that holds immense love and carries significant meaning. It represents not only her own journey but also resonates with countless others who dream of having children but the path toward that reality is currently unclear. This story serves as a reminder to trust in the timing of your life. There is no "right" timeline. You are not late. You’re exactly where you should be, and all the dreams that you dream are possible. <3

May this necklace continue to be a cherished treasure and a symbol of dreams fulfilled!


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